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Pro Services In Dubai

What is the meaning of Pro service?

Pro services (Public Relations Officer) in Dubai are nonphysical products or services that individuals or companies provide to customers to help them manage or improve a specific area of their businesses.

Professional & Quality Pro Services In Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates cities.

Paragoal is the reliable partner of start-up and existing businesses in the UAE. We are a leading provider of Government Processing Solutions and PRO services in UAE. Over the years, we have formed solid partnerships with key government agencies and ministries in the country, allowing us to deliver cost-effective and expedient in-house PRO services for companies in various industries.

Pro Services In Dubai
Immigration Establishment card issuance/renewal


What exactly does the PRO service do?

If you want to avoid being fined for submitting the wrong documents. Or do not lose time. You can leave time-consuming and often complex tasks to your PRO.

Public Relations Officers can handle a wide range of tasks and their main purpose is to help you with lengthy administrative processes. Relying on PRO services allows you to focus on what matters most during the critical stages of starting a new professional career in the UAE.

We Provide The Pro Services Dubai Business Need

Paragoal Businessman Services helps businesses & individuals expedite the process of obtaining the necessary government documents to facilitate their operations in UAE. By entrusting essential processes to our specialists in PRO services, Dubai companies are able to realize the following benefits:

  • Smooth and hassle-free processing of licenses, permits, visas, health cards, etc.
  • Significant savings on time, costs, and labor resources.
  • Opportunity to focus on growing their business.
  • Timely compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our extensive partnerships with key government departments, ministries, and other regulatory bodies in the UAE allow us to offer a comprehensive suite of services. Whether it is to apply for a new license or renew your existing business license, we have the appropriate PRO service in Dubai for you. Leverage our 15 years of experience in the industry and avoid errors and delays in fulfilling your business requirements.

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For necessary advice and guidance, contact the following numbers.
  • (04)5918707
  • (971)547460577
  • (971)564001102

Residence UAE

Types of residence in UAE
  • Buy property in Dubai and get residency
  • Dubai residency by company formation
Dubai VISA
outsourced services in Dubai
call center outsourcing companies in dubai

What is a pro for outsourcing?

Paragoal outsourced PRO Services will help the organization to focus on core business profitability and productivity.

Hassle-free professional PRO’s to process and handle all transactions efficiently promptly and Eliminate and save from the medical allowances, burden of administrative staff salaries, end of service benefits, annual leave, Salik charge, airline tickets, car maintenance, fuel, mobile bills, and parking fee.

Paragoal in-house system sends reminders through our hands-on reports for staff visa status to avoid unwanted delays or fines.

We Offer The Following Solutions For Pro Service In Dubai

For Businesses

  1. Trade License Renewal.
  2. Immigration Establishment card issuance/renewal.
  3. Registration for on-line Immigration services.
  4. Registration of the Company in Wages Protection System.
  5. Adding/removing activity from company’s Trade License.
  6. Labour Establishment card issuance/ renewal.
  7. Changing Company’s partner/sponsor/local agent.
  8. Issuance Dubai Chamber Membership Certificate.
  9. Changing Company’s Trade Name.
  10. Dubai Municipality Approvals issuance/renewal.
  11. Typing/ Legal Translation/Attestation of Power of Attorney from partner.
  12. Arrangement of Company Formation Agreements Addendums.
  13. Registration of company vehicles.

About Investors

  1. Registration for My ID Services.
  2. Investor/Partner Resident Visas VIP.
  3. Bank Account Opening Assistance.
  4. Investor Rights & Protection Contracts.
  5. Property Resident Visas.
  6. Property Registration.
  7. Power of Attorney.
  8. Issuance and activation of e-signature card.

For Employees

  1. Arrangement of Employment Visas for the employees.
  2. Issuance of Work Permits (Relative/Part-time/Temporary/Juvenile).
  3. Arrangement of Medical Fitness Test.
  4. Salary Transfers Management.
  5. Arrangement of Emirates ID.
  6. Arrangement of Health Insurances for the company partners & employees.
  7. Issuance of Occupational Health Cards (Dubai Municipality) for the occupational health workers.
  8. Application for the Certificate Equivalency (Ministry of Education).
  9. Issuance of Society of Engineers membership card.

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