Doctor Recruitment In Dubai

Doctor Recruitment In Dubai

Doctor recruitment in Dubai – As you know, Dubai is an international and global city and in terms of economic growth, it is the first in the world. It has become a hub for expatriates and therefore, there is a huge demand for doctors to migrate to Dubai. This country is a great place for nurses, doctors, dentists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals to immigrate to advance their careers in a new work environment. But there are some things that you should pay attention to when doing medical jobs and hiring doctors in Dubai. Dubai is a dream for many doctors. In addition to the high salaries of doctors in Dubai and low taxes, doctors in Dubai have a very good lifestyle. The average monthly salary for doctors in Dubai is more than 15,000 AED per month. And this shows that, according to the qualification and experience of doctors, the salary range among the job titles of doctors is very wide.

Paragoal makes the process of doctor recruitment In Dubai easy

When you contact a global doctor recruitment agency called Paragoal. It becomes easier to hire doctors from anywhere in the world. For a private clinic or hospital or medical college based in Dubai, if you are looking to recruit a doctor with a master’s degree in a specialty, or a general practitioner with a bachelor’s degree or medical research expert, or an experienced teacher for medical studies, contact Paragoal recruitment agency immediately. We will make hiring your doctor a hassle-free, worry-free and efficient process.

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Hiring a doctor in Dubai by Paragoal experts

We appoint experienced Paragoal experts to carry out recruitment processes. To avoid any kind of problem, we follow a very strict and rigorous process to review documents, check all details and maintain a mechanism to check employment background and previous references. Paragoal’s doctor recruitment service in Dubai shows many years of experience in this field.

General conditions of the UAE in the field of work and employment

The health care infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates is very advanced. This country has modern and always available medical facilities. In Dubai, public hospitals have a high standard of care. And also the private sector is growing rapidly.

Conditions for obtaining a work visa and hiring doctors in Dubai

In order to work in Dubai, you must first obtain an entry visa, which is issued upon arrival in Dubai. Therefore, for anyone who wants to live or work in Dubai, a health card is required, which shows that you are healthy and free from any communicable diseases. Also, you will be given a work card provided you have a valid health card, entry visa and a written work agreement. The work card allows you to work in the United Arab Emirates.

How long is the residence visa in Dubai valid?

Finally, you are also required to obtain a residence visa, which allows the holder to stay in Dubai for more than 30 days. You can always find the latest updates and regulations related to visa rules on the official portal of the UAE government. Or ask the team that is always with you (Paragol).

Recruitment Service for Doctors

Possibilities you can work in Dubai. At Paragoal, we really do Believe in Possibilities and the Values that put them within reach.

Please send you CV and DHA Certificate to hr[@]

Medical jobs in the UAE

The medical profession is one of the most rewarding careers in Dubai. This profession is a professional degree that allows you to develop clinical and practical skills related to medicine. This profession includes doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical job titles. The goal of health tourism in Dubai; Strengthening the position of this city on the world map increases medical tourism. You can find the best hospitals, clinics and health institutions in Dubai using the best equipment and methods. With this, there are many careers in the medical field, especially for qualified and licensed physicians. This city offers endless opportunities for medical professionals.

Job description of medical jobs in Dubai

The most common type of medical occupation is doctors. Doctors examine, diagnose and treat patients. Doctors can specialize in certain areas, such as cardiology, pediatrics, or anesthesiology. To become a doctor, you need years of education, licenses, as well as special expertise and certifications. Other physicians are expected to perform the following job descriptions:

  • Providing advice on alternative tasks or modifying the patient’s lifestyle.
  • Nurses can help monitor and support the patient’s recovery progress.
  • Participation, physicians in case conferences or workplace visits.
  • Providing treatment for an injured employee or patient.
  • Provides medical evaluation of their ability to return to work or continue daily activities.


For necessary advice and guidance, contact the following numbers.
  • (04)5918707
  • (971)547460577
  • (971)564001102

Residence UAE

Types of residence in UAE
  • Buy property in Dubai and get residency
  • Dubai residency by company formation
Dubai VISA

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