• It is 100% tax free
  •  You can have 49% ownership of your business as long as you get sponsorship from a local resident
  •  It is possible to repatriate 100% of your investment in your business and subsequent profits
  •  You can enter into any necessary contract in the Dubai
  •  You can also own and operate bank accounts in multiple currencies

our Solutions offers you all possible help needed to start a company in Dubai. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your business related needs. If you hire us, we will be able to give you all possible assistance, thereby ensuring that your business aims are met:

  •  Our team will start by introducing you to a local national who can be your sponsor
  •  We will ensure that all approvals necessary for starting the business will be taken
  •  Our team ensures that all documentation will be done correctly
  •  We will open up the necessary bank accounts for your company
  •  We will help you locate suitable office space to operate out of
  •  We can also offer you warehousing facilities
  •  Residence visas for company personnel can also be arranged
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