Technical Services in Dubai

Technical Services in Dubai

Providing technical services is one of the facilities needed by every urban community, especially a metropolis like Dubai.

Certainly, You have passed the days when you needed technical services including home electrical appliance repair, system replacement or periodic service, house/villa maintenance, building painting, washing and cleaning, plumbing and other services. Maybe at that time, it was difficult to find a reliable and specialized company in this field. But now, It is enough to have immediate access to the relevant specialist with a phone call or sending a message through messengers.

Paragoal Holding Company has provided this possibility for your convenience. to provide you with these services in the shortest possible time. For purpose, contact the available numbers.

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Repair and maintenance services for equipment and supplies

Repairs and troubleshooting, electronic and mechanical equipment, installation and design of interior decoration.

Installation of security systems, installation and operation of audio and video equipment, etc.

Maintenance and major repair services for cooling and heating PTAC / HVAC equipment, cabinets and shelves for stores, electrical work, electrical appliances and internal plumbing of the building. Interior and exterior painting, landscaping and parking repairs.

Technical services for all public and private centers

Performing all technical services for restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, houses and villas, all medical centers (Hospitals, Infirmary, Clinics).

Get in touch with Paragoal experts for advice and technical services.

home appliance repair in Dubai
Home appliance repair in Dubai


For necessary advice and guidance, contact the following numbers.
  • (04)5918707
  • (971)547460577
  • (971)564001102

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Technical Services includes

  • Mechanical and Electrical (wiring, lighting, electrical panels, etc.).
  • Painting Services.
  • Renovation of villas, apartments, stores and shops.
  • Swimming pool implementation and reconstruction and repairs.
  • Service and repair of water pump and wind pump.
  • Repairs and service of air conditioner (AC).
  • Service and repair of industrial equipment.
  • Restaurant equipment repairs.
  • Home appliance repairs.
  • Core Services.
  • Preventive Work.
  • AC Duct Services.
  • Materials & Labour.
  • Carpentry & Aluminum.
  • Masonry Works.
  • Green space and garden maintenance services.
  • Bathtub Replacement.
  • Plumbing & faucets Services.
  • Water Heater Replacement.
  • Home Maintenance.
  • Other Services.

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mechanical and electrical service
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