Dominica passport

Dominica passport and Dominica citizenship

In 1993, a bill was passed by the Constitution under the Dominica Economic Citizen Program. Where approved applicants can apply for Dominica citizenship and passport by investing in the Dominica Government Fund. And there is no need for the applicant to be in Dominica.

The right to full citizenship

In the economic citizenship program of Dominica, according to the guarantee of national laws, a citizen of Dominica can apply for a passport of Dominica and enjoy the benefits of nationals. The fastest time to become a citizen of Dominica is two to three months.

Granting citizenship to the next generation

According to the 30-year history of the Dominica citizen program; If one of the parents has Dominica citizenship, citizenship can be granted to any generation.

The country of the Republic of Dominica

Dominica is known as an island country. It is an island located in the Caribbean Sea. The official name of Hamsud is Dominica and its capital is Roseau. Dominica declared independence from Britain on November 3, 1978. The type of government of Dominica is a centralized government or a unified government with a single political system. Its currency is the East Caribbean dollar. And the citizens of this country speak English.

Permanent residency in Dominica by investment

Obtaining Dominica residence by investment was approved by the constitution in 1993. To legally provide citizenship and permanent passports to upper middle class individuals and families around the world. Citizenship of this country can be completed in less than three months without the need to enter the territory of Dominica. Dominica has a good international reputation. Dominica residency by investment is implemented in more than 150 countries around the world visa-free or visa-free on arrival, including the European Union, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

How to invest in Dominica and obtain a Dominica passport

Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Act allows for dual citizenship. that after the review period of the Government of Dominica, applicants and their family members are allowed to invest funds to help the development of the country. In this plan; Dominica grants you and your family full and lifelong citizenship. All steps of obtaining citizenship through investment are done in a confidential process. And applicants can retain their original citizenship and enjoy all the rights of Dominica citizenship.

Obtaining Dominica residency and passport by investing in real estate

By investing in real estate, every citizen of Dominica can make their international travels easier and hassle-free. Dominica passport holders can travel to most developed countries without a visa. And they do not need to apply for a tourist visa in advance.

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