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Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed incredible growth across all sectors of the Dubai economy. The emirate’s government is constantly working to improve its commercial transparency and introduce dynamic rules that help shape small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and are able to respond to global financial challenges.

Dubai’s economy is no longer dependent on oil, but has become more diversified, relying heavily on the trade, services and finance sectors. Dubai has also implemented a strategy to transform it into the capital of the Islamic economy.

Dubai’s seven strategic pillars as the world leader in the Islamic economy include:

Islamic finance, halal food, family tourism, Islamic digital economy, fashion, art and design, economic Education; and Islamic standards and certification. In addition, Dubai has already begun plans to become a global hub for issuing sukuk (Islamic corporate bonds) and the establishment of the Islamic Governance Center and the Dubai Islamic Banking and Finance Center.

The Department of Economic Development (DED Services) has been exceptionally forward-thinking, and is moving towards a more streamlined electronic services system in which most aspects of the business set up process is conducted through the internet.

Paragoal Businessmen Services is constantly cooperating with Department of Economic Development & provides the following services:


For necessary advice and guidance, contact the following numbers.
  • (04)5918707
  • (971)547460577
  • (971)564001102

Residence UAE

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  • Dubai residency by company formation
Dubai VISA

New Company

  • New Company Establishment Consultation
  • Choosing business activity
  • Trade Name Reservation
  • Typing Registration & Licensing Application Form
  • New registration
  • DED Inquiry Appointment
  • Initial Inquiry Approval
  • Final Initial Approval
  • Issuance Payment Permit for issuing License
  • Issuance License
  • Registration Amendment
  • Registration Cancellation

Existing Company

  • License Amendment (Updating information: P.O. Box, Telephone, Landline)
  • License Renewal
  • Adding Partner
  • Withdrawal of Partner
  • Changing Trade/ Co. Name
  • Assignment of License
  • Changing Activity
  • Cancelling Activity
  • Adding Activity
  • Changing Company location
  • Changing/ Appointment Agent
  • Changing Legal Form
  • Changing /Appointment Manager
  • Stopping activity/Establishment/Company

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