Company Registration in Dubai, UAE

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Company Registration in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has been engaged in business for a long time and is still an important option for foreign companies looking for economic opportunities in this region. Dubai is located at the crossroads between Europe and the Far East, and multinational and private companies that seek to access the markets of the Middle East and Africa are attracted here. The fifth rank in the world in terms of the freedom of international trade was achieved for the U.A.E economy because since 2002, the government sectors of the U.A.E have been opened to foreign investors and by creating business parks and providing financial services, a platform for the presence of capital External macro provided.

company registration in dubai
online company registration in dubai

U.A.E is the closest country to Iran, which has unprecedented growth in the field of international trade and can be known as your destination for company registration. This country has one of the fastest growing economies and has the highest business standards for registering many large regional companies. Many Iranians in Dubai look at Dubai as a piece of Iranian soil.

Benefits of registering a company in Dubai

  • Receive legal privileges from the UAE.
  • Support the laws of all parties of the company
  • Having 100% ownership in commercial areas.
  • Obtaining representation from natural persons on the basis of having a reliable and stable system.
  • Obtaining government credits such as bank loans and required permits.
  • Having a free trade system.
  • Tax exemption in joint stock companies.
  • Selection of company managers of any nationality (the manager can be a legal or natural person).
  • Having an online bank account without the need for a visa.
  • No need to submit annual inspection reports.
  • Buying a property without the need for a passport or visa under the title of an international company and exemption from paying the transfer fee.
company registration in dubai
dubai llc company registration

Company registration documents in Dubai

  • Copy of identification documents such as passport or birth certificate
  • Full details of the person (including the name, address and nationality of the applicant members)
  • Translation of one of the bills such as water or electricity.

Types of companies in Dubai

Dubai is a tax-free country, attracting more foreign investors than ever due to its excellent facilities and infrastructure. However, when opening a company in Dubai, each step must be carefully planned. If possible, use the advice of a local representative to complete company registration procedures.

company registration in dubai
company registration uae

Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs can choose their favorite types of companies. and register their company in accordance with the legal requirements applied in Dubai. It should be noted that these requirements are slightly different for domestic and foreign investors. The types of companies in Dubai are:

  • Company registration by obtaining representation of large foreign companies.
  • Specialized legal and civil consulting company.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Company registration fee in Dubai

The biggest problem in Dubai is money. Starting a company in the UAE is like starting an IBM, Amazon or a startup. Compare this to the US where you can get a trademark online for $200.

company registration in dubai
company registration in dubai cost

The main costs of registering a company in the United Arab Emirates are as follows

Registration Fee

The business registration fee is a one-time payment to the free zone authority during the initial stages of registering your company. The company’s legal structure will determine the exact price. The cost of writing a company in a Dubai-free zone is not incredibly variable; it typically ranges between AED 9,000 and AED 10,000.

License Fee

The most critical step in operating in one of Dubai’s free zones is selecting a business license. The three most common business licenses available are for trading, services, and manufacturing. Unlike company registration fees, license fees are recurring costs that can range from AED 10,000 to AED 50,000 per year.

Office Fee

Renting an office space in Dubai is required to obtain a business license. Each free zone in Dubai provides a variety of desk spaces to meet your company’s needs, such as service, innovative, and flexible desks, which typically cost between AED 15,000 and AED 20,000.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital amount varies significantly by free zone and can range from AED 1,000 to AED 1,000,000, depending on the business activities and licenses. In general, the average share capital requirement for Dubai free zones is AED 50,000.


For necessary advice and guidance, contact the following numbers.
  • (04)5918707
  • (971)547460577
  • (971)564001102

Residence UAE

Types of residence in UAE
  • Buy property in Dubai and get residency
  • Dubai residency by company formation
Dubai VISA

No, a local sponsor is not required to register a company in the UAE.

Paying taxes in Dubai are quite negligible. Most companies registered in Dubai don’t need to pay taxes except for some companies that are required to pay a 5 % tax based on the business activity.

The responsibility for issuing trade/business licenses is provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED Services) in UAE.

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